the Imagination EP (TA-TI x Lunniebeats)

[Album] the Imagination EP


名古屋のトラックメイカーLunniebeatsがBSC Crew所属のラッパーTA-TIの楽曲を中心に仕上げたEP。 名曲Imaginationを自身のビートで再度Remixした『Imagination (Night Vision Mix)』や新録Just Another Days、さらにインスト数曲を含む大容量のEPだ。

Album Tracklist

01 Intro (A Dream of Your Life)
01 Imagination (Night Vision Mix)
02 Previous Life
03 Lost Days (Old but Bright) [Instrumental]
04 Learn from the Past feat. RWEMY (Remix)
05 Still Chillin (Mad-Trippin Mix)
06 Only Mine [Instrumental]
07 Sweet Love
08 自己覚知 (Remix)
09 Just Another Days (Album Exclusive)
10 Still Chillin' (Original Ver.)
11 Sail to Tomorrow [Instrumental]
12 Outro (at the Evening)